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What is Cloud Ground Control?

Cloud Ground Control is a cloud based ground control station for operators and manufacturers of uncrewed air, land and sea vehicles. It enables pilots and mission commanders to securely configure, monitor and manage multiple autonomous vehicles via a web browser.

Vehicles connect to the platform either though our mobile app or with CGConnect – our stand alone on-board cellular micro-modem. Using a 4G/5G cellular network, CGConnect enables remote real time viewing and control of almost any brand and combination of uncrewed drones, ground rovers and surface vessels.

How does it benefit users?

Many industries are rapidly expanding the use of drones across daily operations. While the energy, construction and agriculture industries top the list of early adopters, in the near future drone technology will arguably impact almost every sector of the global economy.

However as drone applications grow, so to do operation costs, exposure to risks and requisite compliance obligations. As missions grow in scale and complexity, execution becomes more difficult due to communication, coordination and system interoperability issues.

By enabling drones, ground vehicles and sea vessels to operate in tandem and communicate as a collective to central command, the Cloud Ground Control platform addresses these issues.

Users enjoy the benefit of:

  • Enhanced situational awareness, transparency and improved operational coordination
  • Streamlined mission execution
  • Avoiding costly errors and time consuming reruns
  • A safer working environment
  • Optimised mission outcomes.

Our story

Cloud Ground Control is a product of Advanced Navigation, the leading AI navigation and robotics systems manufacturer for enterprise and government. Leveraging a decade of experience working with drones, robots and cellular technology, Advanced Navigation’s engineering team developed the revolutionary SaaS platform to enable users to connect, monitor, and control any drone from a web browser over 4G/5G networks.

Advanced Navigation was founded in Sydney in 2012 by engineers Xavier Orr and Chris Shaw to commercialise thesis research into revolutionary AI based navigation technology. The first product met the market with great success and the company expanded rapidly adding a portfolio of navigation offerings and moving into a diverse range of deep tech fields such as underwater acoustics, GPS, radio frequency systems, sensors and robotics.

Today, Advanced Navigation is a supplier to some of the biggest companies around the world, including:
NASA, Airbus, Boeing, Tesla, Google, Apple and General Motors.
Advanced Navigation is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with a large research facility in Perth, Australia and sales offices around the world.

Brand assets

Logo & Styleguide

Brand imagery

CGConnect modem
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CGConnect modem
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CGConnect modem
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CGConnect modem
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CGC Pilot App

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Live streaming

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Vehicle and payload agnostic

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How it works

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Michal Weiss
Head of Product – Cloud Ground Control

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View data via web browser

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Enhance situational awareness

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Keeping beaches safe

Little Ripper uses CGC to monitor and control over 100 drones simultaneously.

“Cloud Ground Control has allowed us to gain better insights of what is happening on our beaches so our teams can make more informed decisions in emergencies.”

Jason YoungCEO, Ripper Corporation

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